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best-price-guaranteeAt California Coast Builders we are confident that we can bring you the best local service. We maintain a lowest price guarantee that if you will find any of the products we offer with identical features, warranties and workmanship at a lower price fromany local company California Coast Builders will match the price and give you back an extra 10% of the difference. With the wide array of products we specialize in there are always ways to save money with California Coast Builders, we have multi-product discounts and many specials on Solar energy! Give us a call to schedule an appointment and see how we make your dream home  reality while saving money with green products!

Clean Energy Initiative







Electricity bills for millions of Californians could be on the rise, depending on what State Energy Regulators decide Friday July 3rd. This decision could lead to the most sweeping overhaul of energy regulations in more than a decade. Regulators at the California Public Utilities Commission are expected to decide on plans that will change electricity prices for Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison. As outdated utility pricing is reregulated and electricity usage increasing with the combination of the Federal Government shutting down coal powered plants it’s the perfect time to Install Solar Energy Solutions. Clean efficient energy is not only smart for you as an investment but also for your future as by 2020 regulations will exponentially clamp down on fossil fuels. Installing Solar plus other energy efficient materials is not only beneficial for your financial future it’s also for the future of our earth. Take the initiative now because you have to change yourself before we can change the world.

Solar Synergy Gaining Speed


Here in San Diego California we enjoy an incredible climate with an average of over 270 sunny days per year. Not surprising that San Diego is one of the best places in the U.S. for tapping into solar energy for a variety of reasons. There are many rebates and incentives through local, state and federal programs you may qualify for such as the HERO program which makes solar panels more affordable than ever. You can apply easily online or over the phone for the HERO program then take the initiative this summer to receive the best return on investment with California Coast Builders. Solar energy is increasingly beneficial for homeowners especially in urban areas with solar electricity already beating utility prices. Refer to this Solar Acceleration article to read more on how Solar is the smartest move that has accelerated benefits for you and our environment. Reduce or eliminate your energy bills and carbon emissions with photo-voltaic technology for green clean sustainable solar power!

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